• Captain Kovak

    Captain Kovak

    Stylish and with a bit of a swagger, but no one doubts Kovack's mastery of sail and sea.
  • Flick


    Gnome from the world beyond
  • Gelik Amberwhinge

    Gelik Amberwhinge

    Gelik is quick-witted and a talented speaker.
  • Ireana


    Ieana is a friendly, beautiful Varisian scholar, but she's also rather quiet.
  • Ishirou


    Taciturn and dour, Ishirou has no sense of humor and little reason to smile.
  • Jask Derindi

    Jask Derindi

    Jask is a middle-aged, plain-looking Garundi man with hair starting to gray and watery eyes.
  • Sasha Nevah

    Sasha Nevah

    kinda a brat, Sasha has tousled red hair and mischievous green eyes, and is missing the pinky finger of her left hand.
  • [Deaceased] Alton Devers

    [Deaceased] Alton Devers

    seemed to have met his end after saving ships passengers
  • [Deceased] Rambar Terillo

    [Deceased] Rambar Terillo

    Ship’s Cook found w/ throat slit
  • {Lost}Aeries Mavato

    {Lost}Aeries Mavato

    erys is a trim, athletic woman with short dark hair, tanned skin, and fierce blue eyes. She dresses in tightly fitted leather armor and favors dark clothing and tricorn hats.