ABA (Alternative Bonus Awards)

Alternative Bonus Awards

Experience points will not be the bonus awarded to players for alternative awards outside of just playing the game itself. Instead ABA points will be awarded that can then be spent on in game advantages.

Gaining ABA Points:

Spending $5 towards game food: 1 point
Spending $10 towards game food: 2 points
Spending $20 on game food: 3 points
Transportation resulting in you going out of your way: 1 point
Surprising the GM: 1 point
Stumping the GM: 4 points
Consistent/Good Role Playing: 1 point
Exceptional Role Playing: 2 points
Completing a story arc: 2 points
Changing the world: 4 points
Posting basic character journal: 1 point per game
Posting in depth character journal: 2 points per game

Spending ABA Points:

Bonus Feat: 15 points (capped at 5)
Bonus Epic Feat: 20 points (capped at 2)
+1 Attribute: 5 points (capped at 5 per stat)
Additional Swift Action Slot (stacks): 10 points (capped at 1)
Additional Immediate Action Slot (stacks): 15 points (capped at 1)
Additional Full Round Action: 5 points (any time)
Reroll 1/day: 15 points (capped at 2)
Reroll any roll: 10 points
Special Gift From The Gods: 50 points (capped at 1)
Bonus Skill Points (a new levels worth): 4 points (capped at 2)
Make Any Skill A Class Skill: 8 points (capped at 3)

Special Note: If your character dies a permanent death ABA points will roll over to your next Character, however Character specific rewards you have purchased through ABA will not apply to your new Character.

I am willing to add to the list of bonuses a Character can gain please feel free to speak with me if you have any ideas.

ABA (Alternative Bonus Awards)

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