Character creation rules

Campaign starts at level 1
Roll 4d6, keep top 3, and re-roll 1s.
You can do one set of 7 rolls, or 2 sets of 6 and choose the set you want.

You can chose any of the Core, Featured, or Uncommon Races.
You can choose any of the Core, Base, or Hybrid classes.

All characters gain max hit points per Level..

Critical hits multiply all damage dealt unless specifically noted otherwise

At 7th level, you gain two feats
Leadership costs two feats

Attribute Enhancements
Level 4: +1 to two attributes
Level 8: +1 to two attributes
Level 11: +1 to all attributes
Level 14: +1 to two attributes
Level 18: +1 to two attributes
Level 21: +1 to all attributes

Damage for Throwing Living Creatures at other Living Creatures:
Less Than Small Size: One eighth the damage taken by the thrown creature in non lethal damage.
Small Size: One fourth the damage taken by the thrown creature.
Medium Size: Half the damage taken by the thrown creature.
Large Size: Same as the damage taken by the thrown creature.
Huge Size: Twice the damage taken by the thrown creature.
Gargantuan Size: Four times the damage taken by the thrown creature.

You die at negative half of your hit points (with a minimum of -9). All other rules applying to death, stabilizing, etc… stand as is.

Your Con mod is the maximum amount of times that you may be resurrected.
In addition to whatever costs the resurrection has, the caster or the target must also pay 250 exp per level of the target.

Also please note while this campaign starts out at sea it will be primarily taking place on land. I don’t want to give you the wrong impression and you feel as though your character is ill suited for challenges to come. Keep that in mind for character creation.

Character creation rules

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